Introduction to Meditation Science And The Peace Within​

Meditation and the meditation state are invaluable tools to accessing the quiescent state of the nervous system that we call, The Peace Within. It is the natural state of the nervous system when it is relaxed and untriggered. It is this peace that you use in subsequent sessions to prehearse and cultivate valuable responses to real world challenges.

1.5 Hours

Narrative Scripting

Apply what you have learned in Session 1 by using the meditation state to cultivate appreciation for the character development value from an unresolved past trauma, challenge, or opportunity. Keep what is valuable and then release the rest through this powerful technique. ​ ​

1 Hour

Your Personalized Meditation Script

You know the who, what, when and where of your challenges, triggers and undermining emotional reactions. So, prepare for them. Your 6-section script will serve as your cognitive behavior strategy to “show up” calm, composed, and clear so that your responses to that challenge are in harmony with your values and goals. ​

1 Hour

Your Journal and the Journey

This is your session where together we unpack and evaluate your personal growth which is the result of your meditations, insights and the living your script​.

1 Hour


Introduction to the Science of the Peace Within 

This is our foundational workshop to learn the science of meditation and to reclaim the peace that lies within using our effective meditation techniques. Offered as a 1.5 hour workshop, it provides lecture, a 10 minute guided meditation, and Q and A.

Stress Deprogramming Meditation​
developed by Dr. R. Amen

This is our meditation scripting workshop for groups that addresses real world​ challenges. It incorporates meditation science, effective meditation and scripting. It is offered as a 90 minute stand alone workshop or a 60 minute follow up to our introductory workshop. It provides lecture, 20 minute guided meditation and 10 min Q and A.​ ​

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