Has all that information about change
and self improvement not gotten you
where you want to be? 

Information alone does not lead to 
personal improvement,
Applied Meditation does.

I'm Joan (Shekhemt) McGoy

OUR VISION for meditation to be used as an applied technology to enhance our overall wellbeing and quality of life for men, women, and children.

The Managed Mind Welcomes You!

I approach life’s challenges and adversities as inevitable and necessary developmental events that prompt growth.​

Greater peace, resilience, acceptance and, yes, even gratitude towards the people and situations that challenge you are the results of Applied Meditation. 


Thoughts and Images Influence Outcomes
It’s time to do things differently

Most thoughts are unexamined and undermining. An average person has about 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts per day. Of those, 80% are negative and 95% are repetitive thoughts. (National Science Foundation, Nov. 2017)​ What’s on your mind? Are your thoughts and the images that accompany them leading you to the outcomes to which you aspire?

 Meditation script is the perfect place to envision success as it provides the safe space of the meditation state to prehearse productive responses to life’s developmental challenges and opportunities (stressors).


I'm Ready!

Why The Brain, Meditation, and Scripting?

In a society where access to information is virtually instantaneous and instructional videos fill your social media feeds, there is certainly an abundance of science-based facts and data regarding the benefits of meditation.

What most meditation programs omit, is it’s efficacy as a means to train the reptilian complex, the brain’s eldest structure, to be peaceful in the midst of life’ inevitable challenges.​ The Three siblings of the Reptilian complex, that need to be incorporated in reprogramming responses to tension triggering thoughts, emotions and events are the mammalian, emotional or motive brain; the information loving cerebral cortex; and the youngest of the family of brains, the Prefrontal Cortex.

Although it is the youngest, the PFC has the ability to quiet the other brains, organize and execute those best practices that you heard about from the latest  inspirational video you have viewed.​

We use meditation scripting as a tool to engage and train these 4 brains to respond to business and personal challenges in a manner that is founded in peace, productivity and resilience through process of meditative repetition.​ ​

Your stresses have a name, a face, and a place.​

You can prepare to meet them all with greater resilience, clarity, creativity and calm. ​

No matter how affluent, well educated, or successful you are or want to be, life is going to continue to challenge and test you to live your greatest good with the people and in the circumstances that trigger you most.

Personalized meditation scripting is the process I use to assist my clients to meet and gain mastery over life’s inevitable and unavoidable challenges no matter where they show up in your life.​

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